8 reasons your business and homes should have a Voltage Optimiser …

Jan 30, 2017 | Electrics

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage Optimisers reduce your typical incoming voltage, which ranges between 230V-245V, by using 3 pre-set taps. The taps are set with a 6%, 8% and 10% reduction which, once measured and set, will in turn bring the voltage down to 220V – the ideal voltage for maximum efficiency.

This will reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, saving you money and extending the life span of your electrical appliances. GW Energy Ltd is our trusted supplier of Voltage Optimisers and they can provide a suitable product for nearly every application. Optimisers come in a range of “off the shelf” sizes from 63 Amp to 100 Amp in the single-phase models and 32 Amp to 400 Amp in the 3-phase models. GW energy also build bespoke optimisers for those more specialised projects.

  1.  Immediately reduces your electricity consumption by 10% and up to 19%
  2.  Saves you money 24hrs/day, 7days/week
  3.  Reduces your carbon footprint
  4.  Your electrical appliances last longer
  5.  Works with solar PV, wind power & heat pumps
  6.  Smart metering and monitoring is available on the commercial models
  7.  Designed and produced in the UK for 15 years
  8. Comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty which can be extended.

Who is a Voltage Optimiser For?

Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs: Savings can be made on lighting, heating, kitchen appliances, front of house equipment and accommodation areas

Office & Retail: Savings can be made on equipment such as computer equipment, lighting, heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning

Healthcare & Beauty: Dentists, GP’s, vets, gyms, spas and hairdressers etc can make savings on equipment such as, tools, lighting, pumps, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering: Savings can be made on lighting, machinery, motors, pumps, fans, air compressors & tools etc.

Homes: Savings can be made on kitchen equipment, electric heating, electric showers, lighting and appliances etc.

Voltage Optimiser Case Studies

Here are some examples of GW Energy VO case study customers who have benefitted from installing GWE Voltage Optimisers:

  1. The Garrison Hotel: 10% average energy savings achieved, saving £5,683 per year, with a payback under 2 years

The Garrison Hotel is a Grade II listed building in Sheffield, originally a jail, guardhouse and ammunition store, sympathetically converted in to a modern hotel and a family run business. Establishing the hotel’s peak energy consumption highlighted that the hotel’s electricity supply was far larger than actually required. Therefore it made sense to fit an optimiser that met the hotels requirements and resulted in a payback in under two years and savings of over £5,000 a year.

  1. Bilton House: 11.4% average energy savings achieved, saving of £3,788 per year, with a payback under 2.5 years

Belton House is a National Trust property and the National Trust is a charity organisation that works to preserve and protect historical places. The National Trust has chosen Voltage Optimisation as part of their approach to reduce overall energy consumption, and to hit their ‘green energy’ targets by 2020, they independently test and verify savings achieved regularly.

The National Trust had a problem with power quality issues (eg. security alarm supplies were often tripping out) and after establishing the voltage and load profile, it was proposed that implementing a VO project would correct these problems and yield energy cost savings as well.

“ Voltage Optimisation is great for the Trust. We can direct money that would otherwise have been spent on electricity to our conservation work elsewhere at the property”.  Charis Fowler – National Trust Environmental Practices Advisor

  1. Community Integrated Care – Eccleston Court: Over 12%   average   energy   savings   achieved,  with  a  payback  of   under  3  years

Community Integrated Care (CIC) is one of the UK’s largest health and social care charities and Eccleston Court is a nursing home based in St.Helens, housing up to 50 residents

CIC are committed to reducing operating costs of their care homes, allowing budgets to be spent on areas enhancing patient care and overall service user experience. Voltage and load profile were established and it was proposed that implementing a VO project would yield significant energy cost savings.

An optimiser was installed in 2014 and the voltage was safely reduced by 10%. Anticipated consumption savings are 12.4%, with a projected project payback of 35 months.

  1. Mrs Wooley is Saving £145 per year • 27% Return on Investment • Purchase cost paid back in 43 Months

“Since having my ECO-MAX-HOME Voltage Optimiser fitted all my electrical appliances operate great, my light bulbs are lasting longer, and most importantly my electricity bill has gone gown by over £12 a month, which I’m sure is also helping the planet!!!” Mrs Wooley, Sheffield

How does Voltage Optimisation work?


Is it easy to fit a Voltage Optimiser?

Yes, it simply fits between your electricity meter and distribution board. Installation by a qualified electrician doesn’t take long and it will start saving money from the moment it’s switched on.

The Alderminster team can fit a voltage optimiser at your business premises and you can start making savings now. We’re ready to help you.  Contact us!